Program Structure

Choose the Format That Best Suits You!

The CAWEB master’s offers the possibility to choose the study format that best suits your situation: a distance-learning program taught exclusively in English or an on-campus program in Strasbourg in French. To learn more about the on-campus program in Strasbourg, visit our French website!

Also, if you live in France, you can compliment your studies with a work-study apprenticeship. This allows you to gain work experience in one of the master’s fields while you study. And as an apprentice, you won’t pay any fees for the program! Want to learn more? Visit our Work and Study in France page.

How Does the Distance-Learning Format Work?

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Complete the Program in 1 Year

This option allows you to complete the program and get your degree in just one year. It is perfect for those who have a significant amount of time to dedicate to the program each week. 

Tuition fees: 5980 euros (2024/25 academic year – to be confirmed). Cost of tuition for those completing a work-study apprenticeship during their studies is covered by the employer.

Complete the Program in 2 Years

If you have less time to devote to the program each week due to other professional or personal commitments, this option is for you! By choosing this format, you are able to spread the courses over two years instead of one. 

Tuition fees: 7774 euros for both years (2024/26 academic years – to be confirmed).

Still Wondering Which Study Format is Right For You?