Prepare to take your career to new heights with our multidisciplinary Master’s program! Our curriculum is meticulously designed to equip you with a diverse skill set, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience in the dynamic fields of digital marketing, project management, localization, visual communication, web development, and more. Upon completing our program, you’ll emerge with a versatile skill set ready to tackle a multitude of career opportunities.

As a Project Manager, you’ll oversee the planning, execution, and successful completion of projects. Your role involves defining objectives, creating schedules, allocating resources, and ensuring timely delivery. As a master communicator, you foster cohesion among team members, resolve conflicts, and maintain motivation. Equipped with organizational prowess, leadership and team-building skills, you navigate projects with finesse. Proficient in strategic planning and project management tools, you mitigate risks, manage budgets, and drive results. With clear communication, unwavering focus, and a passion for achieving excellence, you’ll lead your team to success.

As a Webmaster, you are responsible for every aspect of website design and management, from inception to maintenance. Your duties encompass content creation, domain registration, error resolution, and ensuring seamless functionality. Proficient in web languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL, you adeptly navigate web development tools. Your technical troubleshooting skills and SEO expertise ensure effective website management. Collaborating seamlessly within teams, you embody empathy, attentive listening, and a positive attitude. Armed with excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities, you easily identify and resolve website or system issues.

As a Web Consultant, you’re responsible for online success, analyzing client needs and crafting bespoke web solutions that propel businesses forward. With expertise in web technologies, SEO, and digital marketing, you’re equipped to optimize online presence and functionality, driving measurable results. Your strong analytical skills and commercial insight enable you to align web strategies with clients’ objectives, delivering impactful solutions tailored to their goals. Your adaptability and client-centric approach ensure seamless collaboration, while your effective problem-solving abilities guarantee project success. With integrity, good communication, and a passion for industry trends, you’re ready to enhance client relationships and project outcomes.

As a Web Tester, you’re instrumental in upholding the functionality and quality of web applications, ensuring seamless user experiences. Your expertise in automated and manual testing methods, coupled with your attention to detail and strong analytical abilities, empowers you to conduct thorough testing and identify potential issues with precision. Your effective communication skills enable you to provide valuable feedback for improvement, contributing to the enhancement of digital products. With patience, a methodical approach to problem-solving, and adaptability to evolving technologies, you excel in maintaining high standards and delivering exceptional results.

As an SEO expert, you’re responsible for enhancing website performance and boosting search engine rankings. Leveraging your proficiency in web analytics tools and deep understanding of website architecture, you optimize page structures to improve visibility on SERPs. Your knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and PHP, coupled with strong writing skills, ensures comprehensive optimization strategies. With qualities such as curiosity, organization, pragmatism, and diligence, you drive impactful SEO initiatives, driving increased traffic and engagement.

As a Community Manager, you manage social media communication, crafting compelling content and nurturing vibrant online communities. With stellar communication and marketing skills, you’ll navigate the dynamic landscape of social media, fostering connections with fans and followers. Proficiency in analytics tools empowers you to track engagement and optimize strategies for maximum impact. Your role demands empathy, diplomacy, and exceptional communication skills to manage diverse online communities effectively. Impeccable writing, free of grammatical errors, ensures polished and engaging content.

As an E-Marketing Manager, you’ll oversee the development, design, and launch of websites, ensuring their continuous activity. Your expertise in marketing tools, web programming languages, and data analysis will drive success as you craft innovative marketing strategies and cultivate strategic partnerships with other companies and websites. Fuelled by creativity and innovation, you’ll navigate challenges with a keen analytical sense, ensuring optimal outcomes. Collaboration is at the core of your approach, fostering teamwork and synergy to achieve objectives.

As a Web Content Writer, you craft captivating content that elevates brand presence and engages audiences. Your role involves creating compelling website pages and blog posts, adeptly optimizing content for SEO to enhance visibility and reach. Proficient in conducting rapid research, you’ll unearth topics from reliable sources and demonstrate versatility in language styles to resonate with diverse audiences. You possess persuasive writing skills, a deep understanding of SEO strategies and experience with Content Management Systems (CMS). With great adaptability and curiosity, you thrive in fast-paced environments, delivering high-quality content while adhering to timelines and meeting deadlines.

As a Graphic Designer, you craft graphic concepts, layouts, and designs using industry-leading design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. With your extensive practical knowledge, you’ll breathe life into ideas and concepts, translating them into stunning visuals that resonate with audiences. Attention to detail and excellent communication skills are your forte, enabling you to transform clients’ requests and ideas into tangible designs that exceed expectations.

As a Web Designer, your responsibilities include crafting, creating, and maintaining websites and applications. You’ll leverage your expertise in website and application architecture development to ensure optimal user experience and accessibility. Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript empowers you to design layouts, elements, and responsive pages that captivate audiences. With a keen sense of aesthetics, you harmoniously combine fonts, colors, and images to create visually stunning designs. Your aptitude for teamwork and effective communication skills enable seamless collaboration, while your creative mind allows you to efficiently solve problems during the design process. Additionally, a strong portfolio showcasing your past successful work is essential to showcase your skills and expertise.


As a UX Designer, your mission is to ensure users enjoy a seamless and intuitive interaction with digital products. From conducting in-depth user research to crafting prototypes and wireframes, you’ll play a pivotal role in creating engaging experiences that resonate with audiences. Your skill set encompasses a deep understanding of UX design principles, proficiency in plain language and localization, and expertise in web development and project management. With qualities such as good problem-solving, empathy, active listening, and critical thinking, you’ll bring creativity and effectiveness to every project you undertake.

As a Front-End Developer, you translate designs into interactive websites with seamless navigation and stunning visuals. Proficiency in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax ensures flawless execution, while your attention to detail guarantees pixel-perfect results. Your understanding of various content management systems, code editors, and industry standards ensures the highest quality output. Effective communication with back-end developers and designers facilitates smooth collaboration and project success.

As a Back-End Developer, you manage server-side logic, optimize performance, and ensure flawless functionality. With expertise in PHP, Ruby, Python, and SQL, alongside frameworks like Spring and Laravel, you’ll implement cutting-edge features and integrate applications seamlessly. Collaborative by nature, your excellent time management and organizational skills ensure projects are delivered on schedule.

As a Full-Stack Developer, you craft software solutions that redefine user experiences. Your role encompasses writing code for both Front-End and Back-End systems, crafting APIs, and designing secure software architectures. Dive into database management with SQL and MongoDB, ensuring data integrity and accessibility. With expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React and Angular, you’ll shape dynamic and responsive applications. Your adaptability to evolving technologies and knack for problem-solving fuel your success, while your effective communication fosters collaboration. You embrace a holistic approach, balancing technical prowess with a deep understanding of project requirements.

As a Translator/Localizer, you bridge linguistic and cultural gaps, ensuring seamless communication across diverse audiences. Armed with expert fluency in both your native language and target languages, you’ll meticulously translate texts while preserving cultural nuances. Your toolkit includes major computer-assisted translation programs like SDL Trados Studio and MemoQ, empowering you to deliver high-quality results efficiently. Precision and attention to detail are your hallmarks, guaranteeing flawless translations. Your passion and curiosity for cultural and linguistic evolution sets you apart, driving you to stay ahead of the curve.

As a Localization Engineer, you oversee the technical adaptation of software, websites, and digital content to diverse languages and cultures. You’ll leverage your mastery of at least two languages and deep knowledge of localization processes to troubleshoot technical issues, manage cultural variables, and adapt graphic elements flawlessly. Cultural sensitivity is your forte, guaranteeing a consistent and appropriate user experience for every audience. Your problem-solving skills shine as you tackle technical challenges and collaborate across multidisciplinary teams to deliver exceptional results.

As a Video Game Localizer, you are responsible for adapting content, including text, audio, and dialogue, to resonate with new target markets. Harnessing your critical thinking and deep understanding of gaming, you’ll breathe life into games, bridging cultural gaps and ensuring immersive experiences for players. Fluent in at least two languages, you’ll seamlessly integrate linguistic elements to captivate audiences globally. You have a passion for foreign languages and video games, while your teamwork skills and openness to feedback ensure the best possible gaming experience.