Hire a CAWEB Student as an Apprentice or an Intern

Why should you hire a CAWEB student?

If you are part of a company in France that is looking to hire apprentices skilled in multilingual web communication to help your company succeed, then consider hiring a CAWEB student through an “Alternance”. If you represent a company outside France, then consider hiring a CAWEB student via an Internship ranging from 3 months full-time (summer period) to 12 months part-time. Our second year students are trained to be active participants who will enrich your business with their diverse technical skills and knowledge.

During the first year of the program, students gain hands-on work experience through the creation of a multilingual website for a real client. The tasks they carry out range from client needs analysis, web design, translation, web development, as well as quality assurance and testing. They also receive guidance from their instructors, who are professionals in the fields of community management, web design and development, translation and localization, and digital marketing. After completing the first year, students are equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to create and manage complex digital projects.

By hiring a CAWEB apprentice or intern, your company will be making an investment in its own development. If you are interested in recruiting a CAWEB apprentice or intern, you can submit a job offer through our website.

What can CAWEB apprentices and interns do for my company?

CAWEB apprentices and interns can:

  • Improve workforce productivity through their active engagement. Apprentices spend about 70% of the annual working time in the workplace. This means they will work with you on-site for two and a half days a week during the school year as well as working full-time during university holidays and breaks. Interns can be employed for durations from 3 to 12 months (full-time for the shorter option, or part-time (50%) for the longer options).
  • Boost your business performance with their skills in web and localization technologies as well as digital communication and marketing.
  • Enhance multilingual communication at your company, as they are proficient in at least two foreign languages.
  • Help to ensure your company’s success with their willingness and capacity to implement the best business strategies and practices.
  • Work to their full potential and produce excellent results. CAWEB apprentices and interns follow feedback from their instructors who are industry professionals as well as the feedback they receive from you through on-the-job training.

What can CAWEB graduates do for my company after the apprenticeship or the internship?

After completing their contract, CAWEB graduates can become valuable members of your workforce as full-time employees. They will have a combination of on-the-job experience obtained through the placement and expertise acquired during their studies. If you are satisfied with the work a CAWEB student has done and would like to hire them, you will not need to spend additional time and money hiring and training a new employee from scratch. It’s a win-win for everybody!

If you are a company in France and you would like further information about the specifics of an apprenticeship  contract, you can download our practical guide (in French).