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Website Creation

The CAWEB master’s website is first and foremost a source of information. It is also a communication tool to help students learn, practice, and gain professional experience.

This website was created, designed, and developed by the class of 2020-2021, as part of their end of studies professional project.

Tasks Completed: a complete redesign of the website, which consisted of updating the website and its textual and graphic content.


Project Managers: Ana BOUCHER and Yannis KLEIN

Web Development Manager: Maurice KURTH
Web Development Team: Martin JAKUBEC, Aijia CHEN and Gwendoline HOLLNER

Content, Translation, and SEO Manager: Molly THORNBERG 
Editorial Team: Jordane CLAUSS, Laura FIX, Maruli PARDEDE, Julien WACKER and Camille RÉAU

Graphics Manager: Justine ALVES
Graphics Team: Lisa EFFENBERGER, Minyi ZHUANG, Jorge MORALES FEBRES and Tatsuya ARAKAWA

Visual Communication Manager: Cristina JAMCA
Visual Communication Team: Lisa EFFENBERGER, Fatima HANZAZ, Maruli PARDEDE

Social Media Manager: Léa NGO
Social Media Team: Sarah BUCHMANN and Thomas GATIEN

English Social Media Manager: Cristina JAMCA
English Social Media Team: Jorge MORALES FEBRES et Fatima HANZAZ

Marketing and Communication Manager: Mélanie MULLER
Marketing and Communication: Ana BOUCHER, Juliette FAYNOT and Yannis KLEIN

International Marketing Manager: Cristina JAMCA
International Marketing Team: Jorge MORALES FEBRES and Fatima HANZAZ

Legal Notice


The CAWEB team does its best to regularly update the information. However, the site is intended for informational purposes only. The information on the site is provided in good faith. Unless implied, we take no representation or warranty of any kind over the information it contains. Therefore, under no circumstances do we take responsibility in case of out-of-date or inaccurate content that may incur loss or damage of any kind to users.

For more information, please contact the CAWEB Master’s secretary in the Language department of the University of Strasbourg.

Publishing Editor

Dr. Renate DE LA PAIX, Director of the CAWEB Master’s Degree


Faculté des Langues
Master CAWEB
Université de Strasbourg
22 Rue René Descartes
67000 Strasbourg


Direction du numérique
Université de Strasbourg
14 Rue René Descartes
67084 Strasbourg CEDEX
03 68 85 06 00

Data Protection

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The information collected on our website is in no case shared with other organizations for commercial purposes.


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Intellectual Property

All content found on this website is subject to copyright and is protected by the French Article L. 611-7 1 Intellectual Property Code.

Any use of this content without permission is strictly prohibited.

Website Creation and Development

CAWEB’s on-campus students


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