Master 2 CAWEB

First and second semester programs of the Master 2 CAWEB (distance learning)


Title of the coursesHours
UE1 – Web Programming Languages Tools (12 ECTS)60h
Building Websites : Theory and Practice40h
UE2 – Website Optimization and project management (6 ECTS)46h
Project management26h
UE3 – Localization (3 ECTS)30h
Localization tools and theory30h
UE4 – Visual communication (6 ECTS) 36h
Visual Communication24h
Visual Strategy12h
UE5 – Writing and Localization (3 ECTS)36h
Plain Language18h
English to French (for French Native speakers only)18h
English to French (for non-native French speakers)18h
German to French18h
Spanish to French18h
Japanese to French18h
Professional writing in French (B2 level required)18h
Computer Assisted writing and translating18h


Title of the coursesHours
UE1 – Digital Marketing and Web Communication (6 ECTS)60h
Content Marketing and Community Management30h
Managing a Multilingual Website30h
UE2 – UX – User Experience (6 ECTS)50h
Usability and Design30h
Mobile Optimisation and usability20h
UE3 – Profesionnal Communication (3 ECTS)30h
Intercultural Communication15h
English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese15h
UE4 – Content Management (CMS) (3 ECTS)32h
Content Management (CMS)32h
UE5 – Work Experience, Master Thesis and Final Project (12 ECTS)30h
Designing and Developing a Multilingual Website20h
Work Experience and Master Thesis10h