Intern or Work While You Study!

In order to gain the necessary work experience to graduate from the program, CAWEB students need to complete an internship or work in one of the master’s areas. This allows you to combine theory with practice in a hands-on way and also to specialize in the subject of your choice. In the past, CAWEB students have secured internships all over the world, such as in the United States, Germany, Canada, and Australia. Students are encouraged to seek and apply to internships or jobs all over the world and within the field that interests them the most! 

Whether you choose to complete an internship or to work, the duration of your contract must either be:

  • Full-time for at least 3 months
  • Part-time for up to 9 months 

Please note: CAWEB’s distance-learning format can provide you with a certificate of enrollment in a master’s program, but it cannot act as a sponsor for you to obtain a specific visa to intern or work in a foreign country. The company that you apply to must be able to provide the appropriate visa for you.

Doing an Internship

By enrolling in CAWEB’s distance-learning program, you’ll be enrolled in an online master’s program and be eligible to apply to internship contracts that are specifically created for people with this student status. Students are encouraged to apply for any internship opportunities open to them as Master’s students, anywhere in the world, as long as they fit within one of CAWEB’s areas of instruction. 

Other work experience

Some of our students opt to complete the workplace experience requirement on a regular employment contract rather than an internship. With this option, you can work within one of the master’s fields alongside your studies, in a full or part-time role. In order for it to meet the professional work experience requirement, the job or your tasks must align with one of the master’s areas of study. Not sure if your current job qualifies? Contact us!

João Pedro Antunes – Project Manager at BeatBabel – Class of 2021

Upon completion of my BA in Languages, I enrolled in the CAWEB master’s program to improve my translation and multimedia skills, and I immediately fell in love with the localization industry.
I was awarded the opportunity to enrol in the distance-learning program for my second year, which allowed me to do a 1-year internship as a project coordinator at BeatBabel, a language service provider in California, United States. This gave me a chance to combine theory and practice in a real work environment while attending classes online.
Thanks to this experience with the CAWEB master’s program, today I work as a translation and localization project manager for this same company!

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