CAWEB Master

Multilingual Web Communication

Master’s in Multilingual Web Communication

Learn all web-related skills and discover the new UX design specialization with our distance-learning master’s program

Are you looking to dive into the digital world and learn the skills necessary to conquer it? Our master’s degree in multilingual web communication is a comprehensive program taught in English offered by the renowned University of Strasbourg that will teach you how to create and manage multilingual web projects. 

Our master’s program also offers the opportunity to specialize in UX design through the UX Design Specialization track.

Digital marketing, project management, programming, and multilingual communication are part of our program.
You’ll learn how to :

  • use UX design principles and programming languages to build a website.
  • create a visual identity using graphic design tools.
  • translate and localize the content in multiple languages.
  • optimize content through SEO.
  • promote the finished product on social media.

Our Master’s degree focuses on:

Content creation and professional communication

In English or in another language (French, Spanish, German or Japanese)

Translation and Localization

Methods, processes, and tools for professional translation and localization

Project Management

Scrum and Agile frameworks

Creation and Management of Multilingual Websites

design, development, and programming of a website using professional tools

Visual Communication

DTP tools, UX/UI design and visual strategy

CAWEB’s Distance-Learning Master’s Degree

Looking for a career-oriented master’s in the fields of content marketing, UX design, visual communication, SEO, localization, web development, and digital communication that you can do online and in English? Find out more about Caweb’s distance-learning program in this video.


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