Our Team

Dr Renate de la Paix, Program Director

Program Director

Dr Renate de la Paix

Our Program Director, Dr. Renate De La Paix, has participated in numerous degree initiatives since 2002 in her tenure position at the University of Strasbourg. Dr. De La Paix’s commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry led to the successful development of the Master CAWEB program.

Leveraging her combined expertise in the domains of business management and translation, Dr. De La Paix has established a team of industry professionals, contributing to a program that addresses both the technological and theoretical advancements in the field of multilingual web communication.

Valérie Ledermann, Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

Valérie Ledermann

Valérie Ledermann has a diverse background in Russian, Serbo-Croatian, and Education Sciences, providing invaluable support as the Program Coordinator. Valérie promptly addresses any inquiries students may have, ensuring a smooth academic journey. Additionally, Valérie provides assistance to program instructors in the effective management of their courses.

Beyond academic matters, Valérie is also responsible for the organization of various social events. These include the graduation ceremonies and on-campus meetings.