Partners & Events

Since 2002, CAWEB has cultivated powerful connections with professionals across various sectors, from localization and translation to innovative digital agencies. Our partners not only recruit our students, but also enrich our program by participating as lecturers, offering valuable tools and training, and providing a hands-on learning experience.

Unlock Your Potential with Partners Who Value CAWEB Graduates

For years, industry leaders have recognized the exceptional talent nurtured by CAWEB, providing apprenticeships and prestigious job opportunities to our students. Delve into the success stories of our graduates : the Alumni group on Linkedin.

Our partners employ our graduates: Datawords, SAP, SEMRUSH, etc

Enhance Your Learning with Industry Leaders

At CAWEB, we believe in learning from the best. Our instructors are seasoned experts in SEO, localization, and beyond, bringing invaluable real-world insights to the classroom.

Hailing from prestigious companies like SAP, Tradex (translations), Amopix (digital agency), La Couleur du Zèbre (multimedia and published projects), Plus Que Pro (housing, construction, and service fields), and more, our instructors bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to every lesson.

For instance, our localization expert, Alexandros Zekakis, shares insights from XTM International, a renowned leader in translation management systems. Likewise, Chris Raulf, founder of Boulder SEO Marketing and a digital marketing specialist, enriches our SEO curriculum with cutting-edge strategies straight from the field.

Meet these industry professionals who shape your learning journey:

Cutting-edge Technology Collaborations

Beyond professional expertise, CAWEB partners provide access to cutting-edge software and tools that empower our students to excel in their fields.

  • MemoQ: A global leader in translation technology, MemoQ provides exclusive software to all master’s students. 
  • MadCap Software: Elevate your writing and publishing capabilities with MadCap Software’s suite of solutions, including MadCap Flare, MadCap Lingo, and MadCap Capture.
  • RWS – SDL: An international powerhouse in translation management services integrating SDL Trados Studio into CAWEB’s localization courses.
Technological partnerships with SDL, MemoQ, Madcap software

Industry Recognized Education

Our program boasts proud affiliations with esteemed industry associations including Elia (European Language Industry Association) and GALA (Globalization and Localization Association), granting students access to extensive international networks.

As members of GALA, our students have the unique advantage of participating in prestigious international competitions like the Rising Star Contest, where they’ve consistently achieved remarkable success.

Tekom: CAWEB collaborates closely with Tekom, Europe’s leading technical communication association, providing our students with opportunities to showcase our program at the prestigious annual Tekom fair.

CLIP Certification: Our collaboration with the Center for Language Industry Professionals (CLIP) ensures our students can receive internationally recognized translator certification, further enhancing their credentials in the global marketplace.

Firehead Partnership: Renowned European firm specializing in technical communication recruitment, exposes our students to industry demands.

Immerse Yourself in a Thriving Student Community

The university hosts a variety of events, both in-person and online, enriching academic experiences, fostering invaluable networking opportunities, and promoting an inclusive environment.

Tekom Conference

Experience the power of global networking at the prestigious Tekom Conference held annually in Stuttgart. Here, students engage with industry professionals, attend enriching conferences, and champion the CAWEB program on a global stage.

University Events

The University of Strasbourg offers a plethora of exciting opportunities, from conferences and day trips to prestigious writing awards and thought-provoking film debates. Immerse yourself in workshops and cultural events like the esteemed Prix Louise Weiss 2024, designed to inspire and enrich your student journey.