CAWEB celebrates its 20th anniversary!

20 years CAWEB

The CAWEB Master has been training web professionals since 2002!

20 years already! Yes, since its creation in 2002 by Renate De La Paix in the form of a DESS, the CAWEB Master’s degree has never stopped evolving, constantly adapting to the dynamics of the web and communication, remaining closely aligned with the requirements of the business sector.

From its initial nine students, it has grown to around one hundred in 2023, first-year (M1) and second-year (M2) students combined.

Thanks to its practical teaching of web, communication and localisation skills, led by professional lecturers, the master degree’s programme has reached a growing number of people keen to learn and train in the digital field.

Students from all over the world come to study the CAWEB Master’s degree at the University of Strasbourg, which proves its popularity and influence!

Student involvement and projects in the CAWEB Master’s programme

One thing that is very much appreciated about this Master degree’s programme is the involvement of the students. They directly apply their skills and knowledge acquired during the year by managing the CAWEB’s website and its social networks.

They maintain the site, write blog articles, communicate on the Master’s social networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, and produce video interviews that are published on the networks and on the Master’s CAWEB Youtube channel, in addition to the various university projects that they work on on a daily basis.

A degree combining technical and linguistic skills

The courses have also diversified, continually adapting to the needs of the job market. The use of languages is omnipresent, as the websites created by the students (in the first year for a client and in the second year, a personal website) are multilingual!

Right from the start of the Master degree’s programme, students could choose between German and Spanish as a second language in addition to English. A few years later, language courses were extended to include French as a Foreign Language (FLE) for foreign students and Japanese.

For more information on the programme and the courses offered in the first and second years, please consult the page dedicated to the programme on the CAWEB Master’s website.

 CAWEB celebrates its 20th anniversary!

To celebrate 20 years of existence in style, alumni and teachers are invited to a cocktail party in Strasbourg in June 2024! It’s a great opportunity to catch up with familiar faces and meet new teachers and alumni.

You will soon be able to visit the website dedicated to the 20th anniversary of CAWEB!

Article written by Maria Chappot de la Chanonie

Here are some archive photos of CAWEB Master teachers and students!