Tips to Become a Good Community Manager

What are the tips to become a great community manager

Community management is a very popular career choice at the moment.
Indeed, we live in an era where communication, especially digital communication, is more present and necessary than ever for companies to succeed. Social media, in particular, has become an essential tool used daily.
However, to be a good community manager, posting things on various social media platforms is not enough. In fact, a community manager plays a key role in a company because they devise the different internal and external communication strategies, in order to attract new customers or solidify their place on the market. Therefore, it is closely linked to marketing, which is why a good community manager needs to always be aware and take into account the latest trends. So if you are looking for a job in community management, here are four essential tips to help you get you started. If you’re interested in finding more about it, Hubspot has great resources you can check out.

 Always anticipate

Experienced community managers cannot stress this enough; remember to schedule and plan your tasks in advance. Good organization and time management aren’t just useful but fundamental in this job. As trends can change overnight with social media, planning your calendar weeks or months in advance is the norm. Anticipating emergencies and urgent changes will help you stay on track and stay 100% invested in all your projects. So a piece of advice, make a schedule.

Be in tune with the company

Another important tip that will help your work as community manager is to ‘blend in’ with the company. In other words, you must really cultivate the company’s or brand’s personality through your work and your projects. Whether it is through graphic design, the editorial style, or the way of communicating, you are the voice and face of the company, so the content you put out in the world has to reflect the intentions and essence of the brand.

Keep track of statistics

Whether it is for a website, social media or even a mobile app, remember to regularly check your KPIs. This includes customer satisfaction, site growth, various social media interactions, and other important statistical elements that you can use to make your communication strategy evolve and constantly improve the company’s reputation and growth.

 Call attention to user-generated content

Nowadays, most people do not trust companies and therefore don’t trust what is put out on social media. However, direct user feedback matters a lot because it makes a lasting impression on future and even existing customers. So it’s a good idea to consider highlighting customer reviews and comments so that they are noticeable immediately and can catch the new user’s attention to lead them down the conversion funnel. Don’t hesitate to showcase those reviews to inspire confidence and encourage future customers to choose you.
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