Top 5 Best Website KPI’s

When you want to analyse the performance of your website, you need to define your goals: increase your sales, improve your retention rate, and so on and so forth: here are 5 KPIs you definitely need to include in your analysis to improve your presence on the web.

What is a KPI?

A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a measurable value that indicates progress towards an intended result, also called business objectives. Depending on the nature of your website, the KPIs will be different. Nowadays, every company uses KPIs to measure its progress and its presence on the web.

Top 5 Best KPI

Once your goals are defined, you can choose which KPIs you’re going to use for your business. Here are the 5 most used KPIs for an online business :

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is the number of visitors who made a purchase on your website. It is the most common KPI. Of course, conversion rate is not just about sales. It can also be about signing up for a newsletter or clicking on a link. Thanks to the conversion rate, you will be able to identify which pages of your website are not as efficient as the others. It is very useful to define your future marketing strategy.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that visit only one page of your website before leaving the site. It is also an important KPI for all businesses. There is no “good” or “bad” bounce rate because it all depends on the nature of your website. If you have an article page, your bounce rate will be higher compared to a FAQ page. 

To help you analyse your bounce rate, you can work with Google Analytics, a great tool to analyse all your KPIs.

Top 5 Best Website KPI’s

Audience and unique website visitors

The audience of your website is very important. Thanks to Google Analytics, you will be able to see the features of your audience (age, country, etc). Then, you can adapt your content depending on your audience. For example, if you have a young audience, you will not write the same way compared to an older audience.

Moreover, unique website visitors are another interesting KPI when analysing the statistics of your business. Unique website visitors are first time visitors at a defined period of time. It is important to best understand your web traffic. For example, when you launch a new product, your unique website visitors should increase over a specific period of time. Therefore, you can analyse which period of time is better for the launching of specific promotions or to optimize your content calendar.

Another KPI: Average time on page

The average time on page will help you optimize your pages. It signals how long visitors remain on your site. The best average time on site should be between two and three minutes. 

The longer the time is, the better your content is. A long time spent on the site means that your visitors are attracted by your website. 

Warning: make sure to analyse other metrics such as bounce rate to optimize your website.


The acquisition deals with the different sources of your traffic. Through Google Analytics, you can see how many visitors come to your website thanks to organic search results or sponsored search results. It will help you build a better marketing strategy in the future.

Of course, there are a lot of other KPIs very useful depending on your goals and on the nature of your website. You have to choose the KPIs that best correspond to your choices.

Now that you know everything about the KPIs for your website, you can now set up the best marketing strategy!