Webinars and B2B Digital Communication: the Perfect Match

As the previous weeks went by, you must have seen them pop up all over the internet: the webinars. Indeed, the pandemic crisis that started a few months ago led companies to adapt themselves and their communication strategies. New tools and contents were thus created in order to keep in touch with target audiences. And the least we can say is that virtual conferences have been topping the bill! 

But why are webinars a real asset for B2B companies? Here are 4 good reasons why you should use them.

webinars and B2B digital communication

Webinars Generate High-Quality Leads 

If webinars are not necessarily useful when you have a B2C business, they are perfectly adapted to professional exchanges, whether they are internal or external. Indeed, it has especially been proven by statistics that many marketers, as well as sales leaders, consider that webinars are the best way to attract high-quality leads. But why is that? 

In fact, people generally attend these virtual events to their own professional interests. Moreover, thanks to the high amount of interactivity they allow, webinars constitute a really engaging content. You can educate the attendees about your field of expertise way more easily and directly than on social media. On top of that, many webinar software enable you to get the prospects contact details through the registration process. You can find a good updated comparison of the best platforms on Ignitevisibility.com. 

To optimize your chances to generate high-quality leads and widen your potential audience, including Call-To-Actions in the presentation and inviting other companies’ professionals to intervene also are good ideas!

Webinars Enable to Save Time AND Money

Physical conferences, seminars and meetings can be very expensive. Webinars are thus a cost-effective alternative, both for you and the attendees. All they need is a good Wifi connection. The transport costs are null, even with participants from abroad. As for the organizers, no need to find a place, a caterer or accommodations. They just have to focus on the webinar’s content. 

In short, all the costs linked to logistics are removed from the equation. 

They create Extra Reusable Content

Since webinars can be recorded, it is then easy to make the most of them on your website and/or social media. Provide a late access thanks to a replay, create a series of short YouTube videos or blog posts, include extracts on landing pages… There are many options! And the users who enjoy these new contents are likely to put their hands up for your next webinar. 

Webinars are thus advantageous in the long term. 

Webinars Allow You to Know Your Target Audience Better

As attendees are free to ask questions and actively participate in a chat, you can learn just as much as them during the webinar. Indeed, the exchanges between the presenters and the participants enable you to discover the grey areas that can exist in people’s minds concerning your business. You can understand your prospects’needs and backgrounds better. 

Moreover, this interactivity allows you to build stronger relationships with the audience. Indeed, the biggest advantage of webinars probably is the fact that the human aspect is preserved. Collaboration is key!