Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence: The 20th Anniversary of the Master CAWEB

Professors, students, and alumni of Master CAWEB celebrating 20 years together in Strasbourg.

The University of Strasbourg’s Master CAWEB program recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. An event, held on 22 June at the Art Café of the Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain (MAMCS) in Strasbourg, was an invaluable occasion that brought together alumni, lecturers and current students. The celebration marked twenty years of program success, but also set the stage for an exciting and innovative future.

A Short History of Master CAWEB

The Beginnings

Founded in September 2002, the CAWEB Master’s program sought to train students in web technologies, graphic design and localization, with a strong emphasis on multilingual proficiency. Starting with just 10 students, the program quickly set itself apart with its unique blend of technical and linguistic education.

Growth and Evolution

In 2008, the Master CAWEB introduced apprenticeship and distance learning options. Not only did this broaden the program’s reach and make it more accessible to students and working professionals, but it also underscored the program’s commitment to flexibility and continuous development.

Recent Developments: Digital Communication and UX Design

In response to the evolving digital landscape, the CAWEB program has recently integrated a focus on digital communication, marketing and UX Design. These enhancements ensure that graduates are well-equipped to meet the demands of the modern job market and excel in the growing field of user experience.

Introducing the UX Design Specialization

Next fall, we will offer a UX Design specialization as a comprehensive distance learning option within our master’s program. The new UX Design Specialization is taught entirely in English. This program is perfect for students and professionals around the globe, including career changers and those re-entering the workforce. The addition of this specialization highlights the CAWEB Master’s commitment to providing top-tier training for today’s digital job market.

This announcement introduced a 120-hour certificate in UX design, an integral part of the CAWEB Master’s program, achievable remotely and in English.

20th Anniversary Celebration: A Night to Remember

An Unforgettable Evening

The impeccably organized event began with a warm welcome at 19:00, followed by a musical aperitif at 19:30. At 20:00, inspiring speeches by the Director of the CAWEB Master’s program, Renate de la Paix, Thomas Baguet (on-campus learning instructor), Eric Christoffel (distance learning instructor) celebrated the program’s journey and milestones.

The evening continued with a sophisticated cocktail reception, engaging presentations by the Alumni Network, and insights from the ADECAWEB association.

Students and alumni of the CAWEB Master’s program toast with drinks, celebrating the program's 20th anniversary in a lively indoor gathering.
Students and alumni of Master CAWEB celebrate the program’s 20th anniversary in Strasbourg, enjoying networking and conversations.

Networking and Festivities

The celebration was buzzing with various activities, including a DJ set, giant wooden game,  and interactive ice-breakers. These activities provided guests and alumni with the perfect environment to network, share their success stories, and create lasting memories.

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future

New Partnerships and Initiatives

The CAWEB Master’s program is excited to announce new partnerships with Louisiana Tech University and Centennial College School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design in Canada. These collaborations promise to enhance the program’s offerings and expand its global reach.

Symposium on Usability and Design

In addition to partnerships, organization is underway for the annual Symposium on Usability and Design, along with several master classes. These events will provide invaluable opportunities for professionals, students, and alumni to network, learn, and elevate their skills to the next level.

Director of the CAWEB Master’s program, Renate de la Paix, talks with students, alumni, and instructors during the program's 20th-anniversary celebration.
Director of the CAWEB Master’s program, Renate de la Paix, engages in conversation with students, alumni, and instructors at the 20th-anniversary celebration.

The 20th anniversary of Master CAWEB was not just a celebration of past achievements but a thrilling glimpse into a bright future.

Master CAWEB, with a curriculum tailored to market demands, a strong distance learning component, and a vibrant community of experts and alumni, looks forward to maintaining its status as the premier choice for careers in UX design, web development, multilingual communication and localisation.

Are you ready for a career in UX design? Whether you are a student or a professional seeking new skills and academic recognition, the CAWEB Master’s program with its UX Design Specialization is your gateway to success. Apply today to secure your future in this high-demand field!

Article written by Valeria Panzetta