UX Design Specialization


Build a strong foundation in User Experience (UX) Design through our Master’s program in distance learning. Taught in English and addressing a global audience, this program equips you with the essential knowledge to pursue a career in UX Design.

Designed for working professionals, career changers and returners, this program provides a comprehensive understanding of core UX design principles, methodologies, and tools. Through engaging coursework and hands-on projects, you’ll develop practical skills in UX Design and Usability.

What skills will you gain?

This program equips you with the essential skills to design user-centered digital products specifically for multilingual websites:

  • UX Design Fundamentals: Master core principles and practices of UX design.
  • User Research & Usability Testing: Learn to identify user needs and evaluate the usability of digital products.
  • Accessible Website Design: Build websites that are inclusive and work flawlessly for everyone.
  • Interaction Design & Prototyping: Understand user interaction patterns and develop delightful and successful experiences.
  • Prototyping and Wireframing: Learn how to design user centric experiences.
  • UX Writing (optional): Craft clear and engaging content for a global audience.

By enrolling in this Specialization, you’ll gain the practical skills and knowledge to launch a successful career in UX design, focusing on creating user-friendly and accessible websites for a global market.

Ready to expand your skillset and discover the field of User Experience Design?

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