Embark on a transformative journey exploring the dynamic world of multilingual web communication and UX design with our cutting-edge Master’s program. Designed by industry leaders, our curriculum immerses students in the core principles essential for thriving in the following digital fields:

What Sets Our Program Apart?

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our distance-learning program taught exclusively in English by industry experts.

The program spans one year, with two semesters of coursework and a final project. However, professionals working full-time have the option to extend the program over two years. The course structure incorporates an autonomous approach, with 70% of courses utilizing a self-learning method and the remaining 30% consisting of live sessions conducted by instructors. Catering to those with full-time jobs, all live sessions are recorded ensuring students can review the sessions at their convenience.

Spanning one year, the curriculum unfolds across two semesters of coursework and a final project. For busy professionals balancing work commitments, our program offers the flexibility to extend the program over two years.

Experience the perfect blend of autonomy and guidance with our innovative course structure. Embrace a self-directed learning approach, with 70% of courses thoughtfully crafted for independent learning. Complementing this, our interactive live sessions comprise the remaining 30%, led by expert instructors. All live sessions are recorded, granting you the freedom to revisit and review at your convenience.


Our course has been designed to equip students, career changers, and professionals alike with the expertise needed to pursue a career in the field of Multilingual Web Communication and UX Design (*).

Aims of the Program

What skills will you gain?

Brochure for the classic track

(*): UX Specialization Course

Please note that the standard master’s program does not include UX Design (*). For those interested in specializing in UX Design, further details can be found here: