Best WordPress Plug-ins of 2018

The plug-ins you choose to use on your site is extremely important. Having the right set of tools will help you achieve better results and significantly reduce the cost of creating a website. Many turnkey solutions are available. WordPress plug-ins offer all kinds of settings for site administrators. However, with over 40 000 in the WordPress Plug-in Directory, not to mention all the Premium plug-ins, it can be difficult to find a quality solution.

Here is a list of free, powerful WordPress plug-ins that can prove useful to your site. You can download them from WordPress or using the download feature on your site’s administration panel.

wordpress plug-ins

W3 Total Cache

The Total Cache W3 plug-in for WordPress has been designed to increase the download speed of sites on WordPress. The plug-in helps improve server performance by reducing loading time. By reducing page loading time, the overall quality of your site increases, allowing it to be better indexed search engines.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security helps solve the most common security problems on your WordPress site in the case of a potential attack. Many WordPress administrators are unaware of potential security loopholes and risks associated with the CMS: iThemes Security can help. This plug-in displays countless parameters and provides basic protection against attacks – such as brute force, SQL injections, and many others – thanks to two-factor authentication, operation time and blocking of the administration panel.

BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load is a widely recommended plug-in if you plan to write longer articles on your WordPress blog. This plug-in speeds up the loading speed of your WordPress site and significantly saves bandwidth. The plug-in downloads media as the user scrolls through the web page.


Have you ever had to backup or migrate your site to WordPress? Duplicator will help you duplicate, copy and migrate your site.

The plugin can also serve as a simple tool for administrators who wish to create a backup copy of their site. The All-in-One WP Migration plug-in is a good alternative to Duplicator for administrators wishing to migrate their site to WordPress.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

The All In One Schema Rich Snippets plug-in helps search engines find the most useful content on your pages to display in search results. These precious lines can help you stand out from your competitors.

The plug-in supports the following content types: preview, events, people, products, recipes, videos and articles.


Jetpack offers a powerful set of features for your WordPress site. This plug-in offers increased security, improved site performance and numerous tools for content management and interaction with visitors.

In addition to these features you will have a comment filter that detects spam, duplicate content, similar articles and much more. Jetpack is also available as a responsive theme.


Akismet helps filter all comments in your WordPress blog that look like spam. The plug-in automatically checks comments using the Akismet web service. All comments will have a history so the site administrator can see which ones have been marked or deleted by Akismet.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

The Yet Another Related Posts (YARPP) plug-in for WordPress displays a list of articles and pages linked to the content displayed on the page you are on. This plug-in allows your readers to see more relevant content on your site.