Meet Fideline Coulaudoux, a CAWEB graduate

We had a chat with Fideline Coulaudoux, a CAWEB Master’s Degree student who graduated in 2018, to talk about her history, her CAWEB experience and more.

Interview with a CAWEB graduate: Fideline Coulaudoux

Today, we’re speaking with Fideline who is a CAWEB student and who just graduated.

Yeah, it feels pretty good! Unexpected but pretty good!

Can you tell us about your background?

Sure, I actually did a bachelor in translation in Montreal and then I did a year of a Master’s degree in Lorraine about languages mostly and international business. But I felt like it was a bit too broad, and then I found out about this Master’s in Strasbourg CAWEB. So I switched to the second year and I had no regret!

What is your favorite part of the program?

I think it’s very unique in the sense that there’s this great mix of different languages and also more computer science. So whatever your background is, you’re going to find something you like. And you’re also going to encounter challenges, which is the best way to prepare you for the job market.

What was the most challenging aspect of this program for you?

Well, I started in the second year, which means that I never went through the first year program. A lot of people would tell me “Are you sure? Wouldn’t you want to start all over again?”. But I thought “No, I can do it”. And it’s definitely a challenge because you might be lacking some key notions. But the teachers are really there to help you and p you all the information you need to catch up. That’s why the first semester can be quite challenging, especially for me not having done much programming before. However, if you work hard, ask questions, and show interest, it will work out.

How’s the future looking for you? What’s next?

Well, right now I live in Frankfurt, Germany and I work 90% in German, which was so unexpected! I work in a media agency called Havas Media where I do a little bit of planning, marketing, analytics, and it’s very interesting. I’m really glad I’m a CAWEB graduate because I don’t think I would have managed to land this job if I hadn’t.

Are you originally from Canada?

I was born in France and I moved to Canada as a child so I speak French first and then English. And I took Spanish in the Master’s as a third language.

Any piece of advice for the students coming next year?

I’d say, work hard, listen to your teachers, ask questions, plan a few weeks beforehand when you start a project because it’s going to catch up to you really quickly, and just enjoy all of it and it’s going to be fine. Take one step at a time. It might be demanding sometimes but for the most part, it’ll be fine.

Transcribed by Colline Marabese