The 5 major UX/UI Design trends in websites for 2022

Each year, the web sees the birth of new UX/UI trends, an environment in continuous development. Being aware of them as a designer is highly important to include them in your strategy in order to reach the user the right way. Let’s explore the main UX/UI trends for 2022.

Dark mode

This trend is not new to the web, but it is becoming increasingly popular. It consists of changing the classic layout of websites by making the background darker and the text lighter. This type of design is not only elegant and modern, but also plays an important role in the user experience. Indeed, the dark mode has been shown to reduce the effect of blue light, and therefore improves eye health by lowering eye spots. It also optimizes the battery life of the devices, saving 60% of the battery, even when the brightness is set to 100%.

Large typography

Large typography is undoubtedly one of the most popular trends in e-commerce sites. It creates a minimal layout and puts the emphasis on the text. This process can serve well on landing pages, for example, and is one of the best ways to attract attention.

One of the best users of large typography is the French brand Galleries Lafayette, which placed a large logo in the center of their homepage, a large menu on the left, and created a collage effect with a neutral background and multiple vertical images.

Retro UI

This trend is directly related to the previous one and has many variations. Usually, retro UI focuses mainly on the nostalgia of the user, and is inspired by old magazines. Focusing on the user’s sensibility is one of the best ways to connect with it. This trend is mainly seen on fashion e-commerce sites, as it adds a touch of elegance.

As an example, a very popular effect you can create is the oval border-radius, which involves cropping the image in an oval shape, and adding a very thin line.

Another retro interface that is widely popular in fashion is based on the grunge effect of the 90s. It features collage, a heavily textured background, hand-drawn details and heavy typography to create punk effects.

Complex gradients

It is such a powerful trend that even Google uses it in its apps. A simple gradient is defined as a gradual blend of one color into another. Straight from the 90s trend, complex gradients are executed in a more technical way with irregular and multicolored mixtures. A well-executed gradient provides a bright and modern effect, adding depth to flat designs and immediately catching the users’ eye. In addition, it is extremely versatile, and can be used on different elements, or as a background. Choose the right colors for your gradients. Good news, our team wrote a complete article to help you get the perfect color palette for your website.

3D design

3D design is another trend that, far from being new, has developed a lot this year. Indeed, it is more and more frequent to come across website interfaces using 3D effects. The trend consists of putting certain objects in 3 dimensions, in order to add depth to the page, but also a more realistic and modern effect.

If you are interested in this trend, this article about using 3D for UX/UI design is the perfect match to help you achieve it.