The Transcreator, a Key Asset to Your International Marketing Campaign

The transcreator  is a major asset that will allow your company to go beyond borders.

A company looking to grow its reputation will need to try to expand internationally in order to reach more people. This process will, of course, require that a marketing campaign be launched in the chosen countries as well. However, it is important to think carefully about the best way to do this. In fact, you will have to adapt not only to the language but also to the culture of each target country. In this case, is a simple translation enough, or should you use transcreation instead?

Translation vs. Transcreation

Let’s start by redefining the basics. Transcreation is a term that comes from combining the words ‘translate’ and ‘creation’. This process, also known as cultural adaptation, works differently from translation.

Actually, translation makes it possible to transmit a message accurately in another language. Thus, the reader can understand the message communicated to them. As for transcreation, an analysis of the message is done to identify the emotions that need to be transmitted. Then, it will convey these emotions by modifying the message to match the target culture’s expectations. Transcreation is thus a more creative approach that allows us to reach out to the world thanks to a way of doing things that adapts to the norms of the targeted countries.

Cultural adaptation is most often used in marketing and advertising. In these fields, it is necessary to find a way to transpose a concept rather than provide a linguistic equivalent. This concept must be able to convince your new audience.

To adapt your strategy accordingly, you must establish a plan of communication that defines your goals in your target markets. With this in mind, your transcreator will be able to provide you with texts that are best adapted and suited to your needs.

If you want to expand your business internationally, a transcreated text will be much more effective than a simple translation!

What Makes a Good Transcreator

A transcreator must have certain qualities in order to successfully complete a project. Here is a list of the main skills you should expect from a good transcreator.

The first quality is essential for any transcreator: mastering several languages. Not only must the transcreator be able to understand the source text but also produce a text in the target language. Thorough knowledge of the different registers is also mandatory; it’s essential to know when to use each register to choose the tone that fits best.

The second necessary quality is creativity. Transcreation requires the ability to play with words, sounds, and rhythm. The goal is to leave a lasting impression on the audience so that they remember your company’s name and the services you provide. Moreover, a transcreator’s job is very often to change the text. One must be able to easily write a new text, different from the original, which will appeal to the target audience.

Thirdly, your transcreator must be able to adapt to your needs. They must be careful not to impose their writing style or their tone, but instead to match your company’s communication strategy, which is most often outlined in the pre-established plan of communication.

This leads us to the fourth quality, which is just as important as the others. A transcreator must be fully immersed in the culture of the company’s home country as well as the target country. The content has to meet the cultural expectations of the target audience. Therefore, a transcreator must have a sound knowledge of historical facts and socio-political events in order to use relevant references when needed. Most of all, it will help prevent the transcreator from writing sentences that could be misinterpreted.

Transcreation remains a process that isn’t widely used because of its lack of notoriety. Yet, it is a major asset that will allow your company to go beyond borders. Adapting your products to another culture is actually like taking a step towards them. So, don’t wait any longer and go for it!