Twitch: The New Goldmine of Digital Marketing


Twitch is a video live streaming platform launched in June 2011 and acquired by Amazon in 2014. Initially focused mainly on live streaming of eSports competitions and video game related content, nowadays, Twitch’s content has been getting a lot more diverse and attracts different content creators.

How does Twitch work?

A streamer broadcasts live video content on their channel while viewers can interact directly with the streamer and the whole community through a chat. It is thus possible to react instantly to the broadcasted content, ask questions, etc… As so, Twitch manages to create an engaged and supportive community, brought together by the same interest. The viewer is the one who ensures the proper functioning of the platform. Twitch is registration-free and accessible through multiple devices (PCs, gaming consoles, smartphones…), your web browser or simply the dedicated Twitch apps. In recent years, Twitch has become more than just a livestreaming platform, it is a place where you exchange with people who share the same interests as you!

 Why you should value Twitch in your marketing plan

What makes Twitch valuable for your business plan is the main audience of millennials and young people in general, one that can be sometimes difficult to reach. Nearly half of all Twitch users are between the ages 18 to 34, and the platform receives around 30 Million average daily visitors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns, Twitch viewership doubled as people were turning to the platform in search of social interaction and personal connection. In addition, users of this platform spend a lot of time on it. While the average viewing time of a person on YouTube is about 40 minutes, on Twitch it is a different story. A viewer spends an average of 100 minutes on Twitch per day.

Twitch is an ever-expanding platform with a large community. The selling point of Twitch is that the content is live and thus seems “authentic” to the viewers. It is complicated to censor the content and you can’t predict what is going to happen. You are discovering at the same time as the streamer and the other viewers, and as such you expect genuine reactions. This creates a sense of closeness that is hard to obtain in pre-recorded and edited videos.

Choosing your promotion type on Twitch

The majority of viewers interact with streamers on a daily basis. Some of them even support them monetarily through donations or product purchases. Because of this, the platform is a potential goldmine, if you know how to exploit it. The audience is enthusiastic and tend to buy brands they have seen advertised or buy products and services to access the community built around them. You don’t necessarily have to create a brand-dedicated channel to get a presence on Twitch! You have different ways to advertise on Twitch by simply being partnered with an influencer and sponsoring streams. However, it is in your best interest to choose the right livestreaming influencer and promotion type that matches  your brand image!

Let’s get familiarized with some of the influencer marketing options on Twitch:

On-stream Logos

Simple and cost-effective, on-stream logos are a good way to introduce the viewer to your brand before they hear any sponsored messages. They are simply put in place by the streamer during sponsored content. This is a great place to also include a discount code along with your brand image.


You can work with the streamer to set up a sponsored “chat command”. A chat command is a piece of text a viewer can type to trigger a pre-set bot response. It could be a great way to invite viewers to click on a sponsored link or give a discount code!

  Title Text

The “Stream Title” main purpose is to explain what the livestream is about and aims to attract viewers. It has the same purpose as an article headline or Youtube video title. It is the first thing a viewer sees before entering a channel and the perfect place to include #ad or #sponsored. You could also ask the streamer to use it to advertise your sponsored chat commands.


A shoutout is a 1 to 3-minute promotion where streamers tell their viewers about your brand and encourage them to check out your products/website. They bring viewers attention to your brand and often lead to a call-to-action. It is the best way to drive traffic and engagement to your website. When your brand is mentioned on stream, viewers instantly react and you should be able to accurately track the visibility it drives to you.


If you sell physical products, unboxing should be your go-to promotion tool! Unboxings are when streamers unpack the contents of your product packaging. They greatly capture the attention of the viewers, as they discover the products at the same time as the streamer. They bring great entertainment value as well as are a great opportunity to show your brand personality.


Giveaways are contests you can run with a streamer to give their viewers a chance to win stuff related to your brand. It is not only limited to brand with physical products, you can also give away subscription to a service! It is the best way to get brand awareness, since they are often paired with social media posts to encourage participation and allow many people to hear about your brand.

This is only a small taste of your advertising and marketing options on Twitch. Twitch is an ever-expanding platform, and your options are basically unlimited as long as you are creative! You can also look for more traditional advertising, with an array of placements for video and banner ads available throughout the platform.


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