Web Developers and Their Agents

As with professional footballers, singers, and actors, some web developers also have their own agents.

Highly sought-after developers

Due to the growing needs of companies that are placing more and more importance on digital projects, web developers, or rather “full-stack” web developers, are in high demand. From a financial perspective, these developers are more and more inclined to work as freelancers, which allows them to negotiate their tariffs by contract and to choose the projects they want to work on, while simply refusing projects that they have little or no interest in.

A freelance full-stack web developer can earn between €800 and €1500 per workday. New IT jobs are popping up everywhere. Many companies and start-ups are looking for web developers, few of whom are still sufficiently qualified to meet the needs of companies.

Today, more than 5% of web developers in France work as freelancers. The latter are very sought after by companies since they are often among the top 20% of those practicing the profession. Companies often offer these developers fixed-term contracts, since many different technical skills are required in digital projects. This is where a web developer’s agents come in.

Being an agent is a trendy jobDéveloppement web

Agents work in the shadows, supporting the web developers they represent by taking care of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Agents negotiate projects on behalf of developers, making choices according to developers’ skills and preferences. Some less social web developers often called “geeks”, don’t appreciate teamwork. In such cases, agents may negotiate for telework contracts.

Other developers may be more open-minded, preferring to work as part of a team to be more effective. These are some of the factors that web developer agents need to pay attention to. However, these agents also work to optimize the working time of web developers, hence allowing them to carry out projects with a certain level of fluidity.

Finally, it is worth noting that these services are not cheap. A web developer agent can charge between 1000 and 2000€ per month. In return, he/she will take care of all administrative problems, promote his/her client in professional circles, and constantly be on the lookout for new, personalized contracts.

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