Our Team

Renate De La Paix

Program Director

Renate De La Paix's portrait photo

Renate de la Paix brings a wealth of experience to crafting Master’s programs, blending her expertise in business management and translation. With a tenure at the University of Strasbourg since 2002, she has spearheaded numerous degree initiatives.

Renate is passionate about linking academia with industry, which is evident in her program designs, which are tailored to embrace cutting-edge advancements in technology and theory. These initiatives thrive through the invaluable insights provided by the Master’s in Managing a Multilingual Website instructors and experts in their respective domains.

Valérie Ledermann

Program Coordinator

Valérie's portrait photo

Valérie Ledermann’s great passion for Slavic culture led her to study Russian and Serbo-Croatian before graduating in education sciences. As the program coordinator of the CAWEB distance-learning program, Valérie is keenly attentive to the needs of the students. She makes sure to warmly welcome new students and remains available to answer any questions they might have, accompanying them throughout their studies. In addition, Valérie assists the instructors in managing their courses and is in charge of organizing the graduation ceremony and other social events. She particularly enjoys the on-campus meetings with the distance-learning students.