Students & Alumni

Meet our graduates!

As we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional education in User Experience (UX) design, we are excited to share the inspiring testimonies of alumni who have navigated the professional landscape armed with the skills and knowledge gained from our program.

Completing a Master’s program in UX is a significant achievement, but the journey doesn’t end when you get your diploma. Armed with the keys to success provided during their studies, our alumni continued on to the next phase of their careers, seamlessly transitioning into professional life.

Explore our Alumni Section( more to come on our Social Media soon) to discover a wealth of inspiring success stories showcasing the diverse career paths our graduates have pursued. These stories not only inspire but also serve as a testament to the comprehensive education and unwavering support offered by the UX Specialization of our Master’s program.

For prospective students, this is your chance to gain invaluable insights into the UX Specialization through the eyes of our accomplished alumni.

A Lifelong Journey

In an ever-evolving market, networking and continuous learning are essential for personal and professional development. Recognizing the significance of cultivating lifelong connections among our esteemed graduates, we invite our students to join our Alumni group on LinkedIn, where you’ll find additional information and regular updates.

We organize networking events, both virtual and in-person, to facilitate meaningful interactions and collaborations between our students and alumni. Additionally, explore job opportunities spanning diverse fields, aligning with the various areas of training offered in our program.

As we foster a community centered on collaboration, innovation, and ongoing learning, we encourage prospective students to consider not only the curriculum but also the lifelong connections and support system that come with being part of our thriving UX community. Join us, and let your success story become the next inspiring addition!