The Mother’s Life Supporter association

Mother’s Life Supporter is a non-profit organization that aims at improving the daily lives of single mothers facing difficult living situations in Japan, in areas where human services are insufficient. What motivated the students to choose this project was above all the association’s vision and the message it carries: to contribute to the well-being of mothers and children.

Although the organization already had a website at the time of the first contact, it was severely lacking in information. Moreover, it did not sufficiently highlight the activities it offers. The organization was aware that a redesign was necessary to improve its communication strategy. Therefore, they agreed to entrust this project to the CAWEB students.

To come up with this new website, the team had long discussions with the client to define the functionalities and elements that would allow it to be revitalized. Apart from a few specific requests such as the addition of a photo gallery, the students were given free rein for this redesign.

This project presented many challenges, and the amount of work to be done was significant. The site has no less than 5 languages, and a fully customized back-office interface was developed to allow the organization to modify and update the site without the need for web development knowledge. But the students’ motivation and the skills they had acquired during their first year of CAWEB allowed them to deliver a website that met the organization’s requirements.