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Stéphanie Walter

Stéphanie currently works as a UX Researcher and Designer in Luxembourg after having worked in both Germany and in France. She has 10 years of expertise in providing services to her clients as a consultant in various industries: health tech, insurance, transport, travel, banking, automotive, etc. She puts the user center stage in her design processes and makes the connection between the users’ needs and her customers’ business constraints. Passionate about her work, she is now part of the Google Developers Experts for Web Platform, shares her knowledge and experience on her blog, in international conferences, and gives courses in several countries. She has specialized in the design of complex interfaces of products, mobile applications, and responsive websites since being a CAWEB student. In the CAWEB master’s, she teaches responsive UX design, mobile applications, and mobile optimization to distance-learning students. Visit her website to find out more about her.